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The goal of Chiropractic, Nutritional and Holistic Medicine, as well as that of traditional medicine, is to diagnose and treat the dysfunction of the body and its organ systems which can ultimately lead to disease.

While traditional medicine treats diseases that are readily obvious, Chiropractic, Nutritional and Holistic Medicine address the readily obvious, as well as the underlying symptoms and dysfunction of a particular organ or system which can result in disease. In an effort to detect underlying problems at the cellular level and determine the probability of future disease, Nutritional and Holistic Medicine utilizes cutting edge technology and detection techniques, including Functional Bloodwork Analysis.

Once the underlying causes have been discovered, a treatment plan is designed for the individual patient utilizing the integration of chiropractic manipulation, physiiotherapeutic modalities, nutriceuticals (vitamins, minerals & enzymes), diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes.

Our office provides the following services:

  • Chiropractic
  • Physiotherapeutic Therapy
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Condition Specific Nutritional Counseling
  • General Health Nutritional Counseling
  • Personalized Weight Loss  & Weight Management Programs
  • Functional Bloodwork Analysis