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Sample Reports

The Functional Blood Analysis program compares your Clinical blood ranges as provided by your local laboratory in relation to Functional ranges, which are tighter blood parameters.  This allows the health care provider to detect dysfunctional states of organs or organ systems and for predictive and preventative measures to be taken.  This narrows down potential diagnostic considerations and allows for a more rapid delivery of natural and medical health care services.

After comparing the values to the functional levels medical and nutritional interpretations of the low or high lab test values is provided. Specific nutritional compounds, detailed food plans, recipes, vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, fatty acids, etc., are suggested with specific dosage recommendations based on your tests results.

Click on the links to see the various Functional Blood Analysis Reports

  1. Lab Result Report: Note the differences in the Clinical Ranges(medical) versus the Functional Ranges resulting in a number of abnormal findings
  2. Cummulative Body System Report:  Lists the predominent organ systems involved based on the blood work abnormalities. 
  3. Complete Evaluation Report:  Based on the Functional Blood Levels and revealed abnormalities.  This report provides the involved body systems, description of the test, considerations for the test, possible causes of abnormal findings, lab follow up recommendations, possible drug and nutrient interactions and suggested nutritional support with dosasges.
  4. Recommended Food Plans complete with a 10 day diet and recipies