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Welcome to Our Practice

Fact:  America is sick, overweight and overstressed. As a result of the toxic environment in which we live, people today are experiencing life-altering and life-threatening diseases at an epidemic rate. Doctors are treating High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Gastric Reflux and a host of other disease at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, the tons of medications prescribed on a yearly basis have also taken their toll on the our health, (and not to mention our pocketbooks), yet the morbidity rates of these diseases continue to rise. Unfortunately, our children are also now faced with illnesses that threaten their ability to live a happy and healthy life.

Fact: America has the finest Crisis Care Medical System in the World! Yet, this same Crisis Care System is being overrun by diseases which could have been controlled or prevented if we only took the time to practice Primary and Secondary Preventative Care.

Fact: The person who is ultimately responsible for your health and well-being is you. It’s not your doctor or any other healthcare professional.

People who are better informed about Primary Preventative Healthcare Measures, Holistic Alternatives and about health issues in general receive more value from their treatments, get better faster, and are able to make better choices concerning their overall health and wellness.

I am grateful that you have chosen our office to aid you with your healthcare needs. It is our goal to focus on your health and wellness and not just your symptoms. We have had the privilege of serving the community for over 30 years, providing acute care, chronic care and possibly more important, preventative wellness programs.

If you are new to our website, we invite you to browse through and contact us with any question.

We look forward to meeting you personally and professionally.

Yours in health!
Cynthia S. Ochi, DC, CCN